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Live Sound Reinforcement

Past gigs include the Bainbridge Inn Open House featuring Dog Pound and 5 other metal bands, the Iron Valley Harley Davidson Open House featuring Common Ground classic rock, and various other gigs and private events. We are now concentrating on smaller to medium size gigs local to the Carlisle and Harrisburg area.

Here is a list of available equipment for live sound. Equipment list is apt to change, as we are always adding, changing, and improving equipment.


    2 - Yamaha S4115H Cabinets - 15" and horn
          Yamaha JA4201 Diaphragm Horn, Carvin PS15C 600 watt 15" Speaker
    2 - Yamaha S4115H Cabinets - 15" and horn
          Yamaha JA4201 Diaphragm Horn, MCM/Eminence 55-765 15" Speaker
    2 - 15"/12"/Horn Cabinets
          Carvin Horn, Carvin PS15C 600 watt 15" Speaker, JBL 12" Speaker
    2 - Peavey PV15 15" and horn
    4 - Peavey SP18 18" Subcompact Sub-woofers
    2 - 15" Sub-woofers with Eminence Kappa Pro15 LF2 drivers
    2 - 15" Kustom monitors
    2 - 12" Kustom monitors
    1 - 15" Eminence monitor
    1 - Behringer Keyboard amp active powered monitor for drummer
    2 - Wright Brothers EQX 1578 15" and horn side fills


  Shure, AT, Audix, Behringer, Rode, Sennheiser


  1 - Tapco 260FX Mixer with Effects
  1 - Presonus Studiolive 16 Channel Digital Mixer with Effects

Power Amps

  Peavey CS1000 - Backup
  Peavey CS800S - Monitors
  Peavey PV2000 - Mains
  Peavey PV2600 - Subs
  PylePro PZR10XA - Monitors

Effects Rack

  8 Channel Direct Box
  Sabine Feedback Exterminator
  Antares AVP - Vocal Processor w/Autotune


  16 channel 100' snake
  Various electrical cables, mic cables, 12G speaker cables

Call JD to determine your needs and to discuss rates.


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